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How it All Started 

From an early age, I was passionate about natural beauty. I love experimenting with kitchen ingredients and making face masks, hair oils and more, right next to mom! The best time was when I was hiding behind mom, to add my own essential oils to her recipes!

Over time, I gained acne, which persisted after using various medicines. Seeing the scary change in my skin, we decided with mom to remember the old times! So the kitchen was turned into our own playground where my own anti-acne cream was created! The improvement was so obvious, and my girlfriends started asking for tips and creams for their own skin type. A few months later the playground became a workshop and my own acne cream led to the creation of the first Loca Natura products.


Loca Natura products are not only 100% natural but also affordable! In Loca Natura, we believe that Natural skincare, shouldn’t just be about chemical-free or cruelty-free products but it should also be affordable, and provide actual visible results. We also believe that the ingredients used in each and of all our products should be displayed clearly and be easily accessible to our customers, either be it on our labels or on our website.

 Let Mother Nature do her Magic!! 

"Provided by nature, processed by hands, for me, for you, for everyone, with love.."